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Partnering in Drug Discovery

We are determined to discover novel medicines for our patients with science-based innovation.

Ferring’s partnering approach

Partnering with Ferring in drug discovery and early clinical development

As a global pharmaceutical company, Ferring is interested in strategic partnerships and collaborations that provide new treatment options for patients. We want to continue developing innovative treatments as efficiently as possible. We value collaborations that share our passion to discover transformational medicines for patients. We are actively looking for novel opportunities across our therapeutic interests.

By our partnering strategy we aim to unlock new discoveries and to make an impact on people’s lives.

We have a strong focus on our internal R&D efforts, but we also recognise the enormous innovation potential of the external scientific community. Whether it is an early research idea, a more advanced therapeutic concept or an enabling technology, Ferring is very interested in exploring these further with you.

Partnering with Ferring is not a typical corporate partnership. As a privately-owned company, our business model allows for great flexibility in crafting deal structures. We take pride in our R&D mind-set that is focused on identifying and developing meaningful innovations, no matter their source. Partnerships based on long-term commitment and mutual interest are key to fostering innovation. Our global team consists of dedicated scientists that all bring a different scientific backgrounds. We value the scientific conversation with partners and we believe that this is the foundation of a successful partnership.

From universities and biotech companies worldwide to entrepreneurs we are looking for complementary expertise in our therapy areas from novel modalities to technologies in early research up to clinical stage.

Our areas of interest


Reproductive medicine & maternal health

Ferring has been developing medicines for mothers and babies for over 50 years. We are committed to help building healthy families by developing innovative fertility treatments and expanding access to assisted reproduction technologies.

In the area of reproductive medicine & maternal health, we look for novel therapeutics and other solutions that will benefit patients with fertility needs (male and female). This includes innovation based on an improved scientific understanding of the embryo implantation process with an emphasis on the maternal-embryonic crosstalk, the role of immunological processes and endometrium decidualisation. We are interested to learn how new scientific insights in placental biology and pathology can provide opportunities to find novel drug targets and biomarkers for preeclampsia and preterm labor. We welcome microbiome-based solutions for the unmet needs within reproductive medicine & maternal health.


Gastroenterology/ Immunology

In gastroenterology, our R&D focus is on finding innovative treatments for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and in the field of immune mediated mechanism, emerging targets in intestinal fibrosis, gut dysbiosis, and host-microbiome signals. We are passionate about building upon our heritage in this therapeutic area to discover the next generation of therapies in inflammatory bowel disease.



We aim to pioneer a new era in uro-oncology with breakthrough therapy and sustained commitment to specialty innovation. We are focused on advancing research and innovation in prostate cancer, urothelial cancer (bladder cancer & UTUC), understanding the role of the microbiome and immune-oncology and gene therapy.



Ferring has a strong focus on targeting the microbiome to find treatment solutions across our key therapeutic areas. Further, we aim to find solutions to antimicrobial resistance and identify novel technologies applicable to the field of microbiome research.


Drug discovery technologies

Ferring is interested in partnering across all our therapeutic areas in drug discovery technologies especially in artificial intelligence (applications for new target ID, meta omic data analysis), novel chemical & biological libraries, target validation & gene editing tools and translational microbiome models/tools.
We are already applying data analysis and machine learning models to predict clinical outcomes from microbiome data.

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