Supporting our employees


Supporting our employees

As part of #ProjectFamily Commitment, we want to support our employees in their own family building journeys.


Building Families at Ferring

We know that it is not enough to simply say that we are committed to supporting family building journeys without first demonstrating this commitment to our own employees.

Bringing our purpose to life, we have initiated ‘Building Families at Ferring’ – a global support package for all Ferring employees who wish to pursue a family. It will come into effect from 1 July 2022.

Building Families at Ferring is an inclusive, global approach that will enhance existing local initiatives. It will ensure a global standard for financial support and leave policies, as well as ensure support and awareness at work – irrespective of location or role, as permitted by local legislation.

Family building benefits

Financial support for employees so they can access fertility treatments, surrogacy programmes, adoption, egg freezing, counselling and related services.

This supports our belief that everyone has the right to a family, no matter who they are, where they live, or who they love. Building Families at Ferring makes no assumptions about gender, orientation or relationship status.

Parental leave

Building Families at Ferring also makes no assumptions about parental roles or responsibilities in the early stages of childcare. We will be introducing an inclusive global minimum standard of equal paid parental leave:

  • 26 weeks for birthing and non-birthing parents, available over an extended time frame
  • Additional 4 weeks per child in the case of multiple births/adoption

Additional paid leave will be available to enable our employees to make time in their lives for fertility treatment, IVF cycles and adoption procedures.

Our leave policy will recognise the complexities of building a family and will provide additional, equal parental leave for premature births or loss.

Awareness and support at work

We are committed to creating a ‘fertility and family friendly’ experience in the workplace.

Building Families at Ferring will increase awareness about the experiences of family building journeys and foster support, respect and understanding.

We will provide access to practical advice about options for building a family.

Enhanced support for returning to work will follow, including increased flexibility to smooth the transition back to work after a period of parental leave.

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